What's your internet speed for Xbox Live?

#51KID VIDPosted 8/21/2014 4:16:56 PM
ScRui posted...
Verizon FiOS

75mbps down / 75mbps up (they just started with the upload matching your download... for free LOL)

When I run the internet test on my Xbox ONE, I usually hit ~88mbps down / ~70mbps up ...

I pay ~220$ per month, that includes home phone, best TV package (without premium movie channels), best Internet package for residential (they have better but it is usually only for business... even though I think you can get it, for a lot more $$ though.. they start at 150mbps down)

^This, except I also have HBO and Cinemax.
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#52godFORBIDjellyPosted 8/21/2014 4:44:25 PM
120 down and 30 up. 85$ a month. Just internet. Right outside Atlanta. Xfinity.
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