3 new Microsoft dev studios revealed

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I don't own the system but I fully support new studios! Hopefully they make new IPs and not random small kinetic games.
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xJehodx posted...
I don't own the system but I fully support new studios! Hopefully they make new IPs and not random small kinetic games.

Same thing here.

This could be a major step forward for Microsoft on the games development side if it's actual games.
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Microsoft frantically trying to copy Sony's operations now I see. It's too little too late though now I fear. PS4 has already run away with this generation and I can't envision the shareholders giving Xbox another chance. Our only hope is that it gets sold off to someone like Valve, instead of just being cut out like a cancer.

Lol it's like all you trolls are one alt account under one hive mind. You regurgitate the same nonsense in every thread regardless of screen name.

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this is great. this is the way MS should go.
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I created this topic to spread some good news yet it somehow still turns out to be a fanboy war. This site is pathetic.

blame the mods and the lack of awareness of the ignore feature.

I blame the lack of mods and lack of using the ignore feature. The XBO forum should be renamed the "Wild Wild West" forum.

It would honestly be more helpful if we could actually single out the trolls with compiled list of them in a thread, but I'm pretty sure that would get flagged as TOS violation.

Pretty BS that the mods don't want to do their job, or ignorantly turn a blind eye to blatant trolling. Yet if users where to do something about it, like post a list of known trolls it'd be flagged immediately.

Just use the tagging feature and make your own list. I've got a bunch of trolls from all sides tagged.
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What kind of salty, butthurt fanatic needs to put people on ignore or tag them just because you don't like what they say? I...

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