worth getting a xbox one?

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astutecollie posted...
I waited since they both launched for either company to sell me on their system. Between e3 and gamescom microsoft impressed me more with their games, and sony failed to take my money.

Ive owned every sony console and likely will get a ps4 eventually, but right now im more excited about the x1. Cant wait for my white sunset bundle.

2 things swayed me towards the x1. For the same $400 price, the x1 does far more than the ps4. I love all the tv features. And the exclusives. Sony literally has nothing going on between now and holiday 2015, but ms has sunset overdrive, 4 halo games, and others next year im more excited about. Cannot wait to play tomb raider and halo 5 next holiday.

Do you think the white xbox in the sunset bundle will look the same as the white xbox given to the xbox dev team on launch day? or might it be a different finish?

the "i made this" white xbox looked awesome. im trying to decide between the sunset and CoD bundle.

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astutecollie posted...
Giarccpsn posted...
astutecollie posted...
Sony literally has nothing going on between now and holiday 2015, .

lol just stop it.

Truth. And salt.

PS4 exclusives:
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
LittleBigPlanet 3
The Order 1886
No Man's Sky
Grim Fandango
The Last Of Us: Remastered
Deep Down
Eve Valkyrie
Ratchet And Clank Remastered
Let It Die
Planetside 2
Magicka 2
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
nothing going on you say. . .
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