What is your next day one purchase?

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2 years ago#51
Madden maybe.
2 years ago#52
Landonio posted...
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2 years ago#53
NHL '15. It's the only thing I've pre-ordered in 2 or 3 years in fact.
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2 years ago#54
Bayonetta 2
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2 years ago#55
Hyrule Warriors
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2 years ago#56
Smash Bros
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2 years ago#57
Hyrule Warriors.
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2 years ago#58
Can't we all just play the video games we like and have fun?
2 years ago#59
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2 years ago#60
Getting Metro, Destiny, NBA 2K15, Evil Within, Sunset Overdrive, Costume Quest 2, COD: AW, Assassin's Creed Unity, Halo: MCC, Far Cry 4, & Dragon Age, on day one.
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