Xbox one games coming to pc?

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ArkonBlade posted...
Though for some reason Fable does.

Probably since the last Fable games didn't do so well, they're just increasing the potential userbase. They already know they need console exclusives in order to move consoles, so the games they know that'll sell extremely well are staying on console.

I could see Quantum Break getting ported, since Alan Wake was supposed to be Xbox exclusive. But I think a big part of why Alan Wake didn't sell well was piracy, and since that can't happen (nor will it for quite a while, especially if the game's going to be huge not as many people will be able to download it), hopefully they'll see more sales.
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Didn't Microsoft come out and say they wanted to support windows gaming more now?
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So with what everybody said in this thread, halo 5 to the pc is a no go and halo:mmc might have a slight possibility(microsoft pc and console exclusive?) to be ported over while quantum break and sunset overdrive will come to the pc at a later date..

Thanks to all those who replied here and shared their input. :)

Anybody else here have an idea what other possible xb1 games that are also coming to the pc?