If Microsoft hired you as head of Xbox your first act would be?

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2 years ago#51
Lower the price by $50, pack in a free year of Xbox Live and stay the course for everything else.
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2 years ago#52
Put larry hryb out to pasture
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2 years ago#53
Buy Nintendo or Sony
2 years ago#54
relieve everyone off duty
2 years ago#55
i'd buy me a ps4
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2 years ago#56
I'd bankrupt the company by making them replace every broken 360 that ever broke ever.
Hard Mode: Replacing the broken 360s with 360s that won't just break again.
2 years ago#57
Get a dictionary and learn what an exclusive really is.
2 years ago#58
I'd get Bill to sexually harass me and take half his money and create a console myself and buy a few top developers then right before release say this console is made for the fanboys....the trolls....and announce that it's just for me, not for retail. Give a few to my friends to play with so I'm not solo.
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2 years ago#59
Remove the external Kinect but implement the voice recognition sensor and a front facing web cam hidden into the unit itself.

This way people can still get the voice commands without an obtrusive device sitting in front of their tv.
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2 years ago#60
I'd tell Rare to go back to their old way of making games, back when they made real classics on the Nintendo systems (and before that, on the ZX Spectrum). I.e., I'd say to Rare "Design the games yourself, with no help (or rather hindrance) from us (Microsoft), take as long as you need to get the games as good as you can, write for whatever hardware of ours that you choose (so don't use the Kinnect unless you want to), re-introduce any I.P. you like (be it Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Conker, etc), and we'll leave you alone to make the best games that you can, and publish the games when you deem them ready".

Basically, I wish Microsoft would treat Rare the way Nintendo did; very little interference, and giving Rare more time to work on a game (within reason) before release if Rare asked for it.
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