You didn't buy an Xbox One because you thought the Kinect was an NSA device...

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Bush knocked down the towers.
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The Xbox One Kinect camera sucks anyway and has been abandoned.

Problem solved :)
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leelee3105 posted...
the NSA has been around in one for or another since the 50s
Nothing that was recently uncovered was new
Its for our own good. has there been another 911? wonder why? NSA
Only a few tin foil hat wearers still care

That's real cute... It would be a far better point if the NSA didn't exist for 2001. You're coming off as someone who actually likes not having privacy
Don't mistake me for a troll, I'm just a nice guy who likes to debate/argue
A sight for sore eyes to the blind would be awful majestic
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Saebastan posted...
SoulTrapper posted...

The kinect isn't just a simple camera, it's a highly advanced camera, straight up in your living room!

... which recognizes the left side of my couch as a "player" , freaks out when the cat comes and goes and just ignores me and my voice 50% of the time.
With such quality as this , my worries about someone watching me were swiftly eased.

Most people didn't buy xbox because it's a piece of crap.

A couple months ago, you'd have been crucified for making a comment like that on this board.