Xbox one diablo 3 is the definitive version right?

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duces9killa posted...

i suppose someone had to laugh at your insult...
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If Qunicy's topic was deleted this should be too.

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leelee3105 posted...
Just finished the game on hard. The frame rate doesn't drop at all. I have a better tv than most of uo u so I would have noticed

Of course you do.
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lunaticcore posted...
Console version has features the PC version doesn't have right now, and pretty much every article/review has talked about how much better the game plays with a controller. That is actually called an opinion.

What features is the PC lacking besides offline play? And unless you want your game dumbed down, no. A controller is the worst way to play the game because you simply don't have the speed or accuracy you need to play a game like this with an analog stick. As a result, they had to dumb the game down with an aimbot for ranged attacks/skills and you can't even properly target AoE skills with a controller.

Saying that D3 controls better with a controller is on par with saying that FPS's control better with a controller since console shooters have aim assist. If the controls were good enough to properly play the game then the developers wouldn't have had to add in an aimbot.