Ignoring games, what can XBone do for me that PS4 can't?

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liquidblue4 posted...
Pretty much everything actually


ironic, you chose to take games out of the discussion... that's pretty much the only thing that PS4 has over the Xbox ONE is, slightly better resolution, textures too I guess... in some cases
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The PS4 does TV better? Wow. That is impressive given that it can't do it at all.

I love having a Twitch or TV window snapped while I'm playing a game. It is great during downtime between rounds. If PS4 could do that I'd actually get one.
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benjimain posted...
Not a whole lot. Everything that can be done the PS4 can do better. Its store and interface are faster, its online more populated, the controller is more comfortable for longer playing sessions, nearly every multiplat runs better, and its greater power means exclusives will look far better than Xbox One's.

Opinions. Opinions everywhere.
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Pinning is just allowing you to pin your favorite games or apps to the dashboard, allowing you to customize what is on it.

Snapping allows you to have two apps running at once, such as a game in the big window and netflix in the small. As was already said, you can adjust the sound for the windows.

The HDMI In port is useful if you have an older HDTV that only supports one HDMI connection. The HDMI In port allows you to access whatever is plug into the Xbox Obe through its TV app, so you can run a DVD player, cable box, or even another game system through it.

I really like the voice controls the kinect uses for going through menus. You can easily snap and unsnap, record game clips, swap between different apps, as well as plenty of other commands.

Another feature if the kinect I like is auto sign-in. The kinect can see who is in front of it and sign in the profile for that person. You can even set it up to sign out players who leave after a set time.
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McNabFish posted...
Opinions. Opinions everywhere.

So the online being more populated and the superior multiplats are an opinion now? Because I think they're proven facts I can prove again.
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Another thing I've thought of... game disc installation. PS4 can do that a hell of a lot quicker. Like night and day difference. Big deal considering many people still buy physical.
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Hdmi in the rear from cable or even a Apple tv, chromecast, DVD and you can" snap" the feed in. You can control which has sound the game or device or both. Its great for me, I like football so I can game and watch a game. You can swap which is big screen If you want to pause the game and see something on tv.

Speaking of the NFL stuff, is that included in your Gold subscription?

I have no idea,there is an nfl app but I use my Apple tv so I don't have to open apps. Sometimes opening apps can make a game crash, not always but I have the Apple tv to use. I also have a chromecast which works to but that's on my other tv.
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Use the search bar on Google & Youtube.

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ironic, you chose to take games out of the discussion... that's pretty much the only thing that PS4 has over the Xbox ONE is, slightly better resolution, textures too I guess... in some cases

Ahhh there it is again. The "slightly" buzzword Xbox fans are desperately clinging to. Remember when it was "Oh no they're equal in power." As soon as the PS4's superior multiplats started rolling out, it's been, "Oh well it's only slightly different." "Please guys... it's just slightly different. Stop upsetting me!!!"

The reassurance here is astounding.

PS4 versions don't look drastically better than Xbox One versions. If anything, it seems like more and more games are having just a "slight" advantage on PS4 than the very start of the gen. More and more games are running at the same resolution and framerate while looking the same overall even with there are exceptions.
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