Ignoring games, what can XBone do for me that PS4 can't?

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You can game with us TC or dust your ps4 off weekly and talk on boards for systems you don't own like Benjimain to fight boredom.
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PS4 versions don't look drastically better than Xbox One versions. If anything, it seems like more and more games are having just a "slight" advantage on PS4 than the very start of the gen. More and more games are running at the same resolution and framerate while looking the same overall even with there are exceptions.

lol no they're not. We just saw the other day how that Golf Sim game was only 720p on Xbox One.

And unlike last gen between the PS3 and 360, the gap is only going to widen because the PS4 has ease of development and power on its side. And with that sales gap increasing over the Xbox One, do you really believe MS are going to be able to swoop into devs' offices and command that they make them on par? They'll be catering for the PS4 more and more.

Dude, you're the same person that tried to tell me Resogun is better than any Xbox One exclusive. Needless to say, anything you have to say I don't take seriously.
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Opinions. Opinions everywhere.

So the online being more populated and the superior multiplats are an opinion now? Because I think they're proven facts I can prove again.

You must have been a great student, totally missed the point of the topic...
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If your looking for something that has a lot of features outside of gaming, Xbox One is the way to go. I have both, and I am constantly using my Xbox One more than my PS4 because of all the features it has. Snap is awesome, watching TV while playing a game. If you play fantasy football then the Xbox One is the for sure way to go.
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RockguyKev posted...
The PS4 does TV better? Wow. That is impressive given that it can't do it at all.

I love having a Twitch or TV window snapped while I'm playing a game. It is great during downtime between rounds. If PS4 could do that I'd actually get one.

Lol yea I read that and I was like... HUH???? This whole aspect of the X1 is very cool and is exclusive to the X1, Sony didnt bother with any of this. The PS4 is a PS3 with higher specs. MS at least tried to do some new things, and if you dont care about all that extra stuff, well the system still plays games and has a ton of great ones on the way. Win win.
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Dude, you're the same person that tried to tell me Resogun is better than any Xbox One exclusive. Needless to say, anything you have to say I don't take seriously.

Yeah, such an outlandish view to have, considering, you know, it's got a higher metacritic score than all Xbox One exclusives.
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ironic, you chose to take games out of the discussion... that's pretty much the only thing that PS4 has over the Xbox ONE is, slightly better resolution, textures too I guess... in some cases

Ahhh there it is again. The "slightly" buzzword Xbox fans are desperately clinging to. Remember when it was "Oh no they're equal in power." As soon as the PS4's superior multiplats started rolling out, it's been, "Oh well it's only slightly different." "Please guys... it's just slightly different. Stop upsetting me!!!"

The reassurance here is astounding.

LMFAO, you are a clown...

do you own both consoles? Do you even own any of them?

The differences, when there are ANY... are minimal and slight... you can 'reassure' yourself of it being any different... won't change it...

hilariously pathetic, you are here... on a board of a system you obviously disagree with and show disdain for... yet whomever says anything positive about the Xbox ONE is the person, so-called 'reassuring' themselves...

*slow clap* nice one benj ... if I squeeze that red nose, will it sound like the PlayStation jingle?

He's a notorious troll on this board. Anyone with a brain knows the differences in these games are not even noticeable. PS4 fans are so salty about that smackdown at gamescom that all they do is talk about sales, which noone actually cares about unless you own stock in these companies, because everyone knows the X1 will be around for the long haul and receive great versions of every multiplat.

Between that, the system having a LOT more capabilities, and what I see as a far superior exclusive lineup, its clearly the best choice in my eyes. I couldnt care less if the PS4 ends this gen having sold 10 mil more. It has 0 effect on the X1 or me.
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astutecollie posted...
Anyone with a brain knows the differences in these games are not even noticeable.

Except, you know, all these tech sites staffed by experts on the subject who all attest to the difference. But no, astutecollie, random Xbox defender #45763 is the one whose view matters.

And again, the lineup is voted better on PS4. You can spam about 0 exclusives and such nonsense all you like, but in the end, most gamers are looking forward to the PS4's games.

And what smackdown at Gamescom? Where MS got one timed exclusive and the PS4 got one timed exclusive? Oh such beat down, bro! Let me bang, bro! loool
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This guy benjamin is about to get modded to hell and his account probably places in purgatory for 7 days. He literally has like 9 legit trolling posts in this thread alone, reassurance posts and attacking people. He's in trouble. See you in a week benjamin!