Which is the better console for people who don't play online?

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Between Xbone and PS4, which would you all say offers the better single player experiences? I've rarely played online for the lack of interest in it and I simply love good story modes.
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If you like sales, PS4. If you like games, the X1 has 40 exclusives to the PS4s 32, and to me when I look at the lineup the X1's is much stronger, plus it has all the fun TV features.

The choice is clear my son.
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Both new consoles have online connectivity written all over them. I cant imagine using either of them without an internet connection, but for single player experiences both machines have a few decent sp games. Also with Metro Redux, Shadow of Mordor, and Dragon Age among others coming in the next few months it seems you cant go wrong either way.
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Thanks for the input.
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PS4 and is not even close.
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Honestly the ps4. Almost everything about the Xbox is built for online. That and Sony has a ton of upcoming single player experiences. Where else are you going to played Wild and Rime, two of the more important games I've seen in some time.
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ps2, if you don't care about playing latest games.