Which is the better console for people who don't play online?

#21leelee3105Posted 8/22/2014 4:46:14 PM
SNES. /topic
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ACx7 posted...
Wii U would be better than both though.

I agree, but I fear for what the future holds for that system. I'll just support them through the 3DS.
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Ps4 can only play offline, since PSN is constantly down
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Well, if you haven't got an internet connection, and are in search of a console... PS4, period. The Xbox One has a mandatory, MANDATORY Day One installation patch which, if you have no network capabilities at all, congratulations, you have a $400 to $500, 16 pound paper weight.

If you have a network connection and just choose to play offline... yeah it really depends on what your tastes are. Xbox One seems to be the go-to place for shooters and the like, but a lot of the more story-centric games seem to be going PS4's direction.
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