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2 years ago#1
Hi people. Hope someone here can help me with a few questions regarding game sharing on the Xbox One.

Myself and my brother both have Xbox One consoles. We want to take advantage of the game sharing / license transferring that can be done with the consoles. I just have a couple of questions:

1. My brother uses monthly direct debit to pay for Live Gold, but I pay a yearly fee. If I set my Xbox as my brother's home Xbox, does this mean I also carry his Live subscription method to my console? And if he sets his Xbox as my xbox home, does this mean he will get an annual subscription? I would prefer to keep my annual subscription to be honest.

2. Regarding future purchases. Lets say I wish to download a game in the future. Do I sign into my gamertag and make the purchase? If my xbox is my brother's home xbox, does this mean if I buy it on my gamertag using his home xbox that I will not hold the license if we decide not to game share in the future?

Sorry fo the confusion, I am just not entirely sure how these things work. We are eager to start sharing our libraries with eachother however I am more concerned about our separate live subscription methods and also exactly how I should make future purchases in the store (without worrying about losing the game licenses myself if we decide to stop game sharing)

Thanks for your help in advance :)
2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
What ever gamertag you buy the game with holds the license.
2 years ago#4
thanks for confirming :)
2 years ago#5
Your subscription has nothing to do with sharing. Making his xbox your home xbox just lets you have access to any digital content downloaded on that xbox.

fyi You can share ea access. If one of you subscribes the other will have access to those games.
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