Will an average person really see a difference between PS4/XB1 visuals/graphics?

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Wii_Truth posted...
it's a small difference, but it is noticeable to me. It reminds me of the first time I compared HD to SD. The average person won't care, but serious gamers will pick up on it.

That's absurd. The difference between SD and HD is massive, it doesn't get any bigger visually when comparing 480i/p to even 720p.

The differemnece between the One and Ps4 isn't anywhere near that level. Even the Wii U is closer to Xbone than the Wii was to 360
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If good graphics isn't your thing then the XBOX ONE is serviceable. If your into great graphics and bought yourself a good TV then go for the PS4. They consoles cost the same and the games cost the same. Easy choice for most people as sales figures tell you.

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Just recently traded my x1 in for a ps4 and gotta say the games are better on the ps4. I was pleasantly surprised.
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The average person likely owns one console and likely doesn't peruse gaming forums.

So the average person probably has little idea of the 1080p/60fps "controversy". The average person probably just buys games for the console/s they own and enjoys playing them.
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sassynipples posted...
Just recently traded my x1 in for a ps4 and gotta say the games are better on the ps4. I was pleasantly surprised.

This is what I hear from all my XBro friends IRL who upgraded to the PS4.
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But the majority of us that own either console don't care. We just want to play good games.

not according to the internet.
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The average person/gamer can't tell or care. But apparently everyone on this site can. Everyone here owns a 55-60" ultra HD tv. And spend from 1200-2000 on said tv. Give me a break
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TullyBlanchard posted...
I don't know necessarily if I'd consider myself 'hardcore' but i'm certainly not a casual gamer and i feel like I wouldn't even notice a difference between the graphical capabilities between the two consoles...

Is the difference really there? Or are people just looking at specs and running with them?

Asking that means you're a casual who can't see it
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dueric posted...
Cows Go Hisssss posted...
The difference between the PS2 and the original Xbox was bigger than the difference between the Xbox One and the PS4. Most Sony fans seem to forget that.

Nah. They remember. But that was 13 years ago. Not even remotely relevant now.

It makes me feel some type of way when I know someone that loved the PS2 go around and complain about the resolution and frame rate of the Xbox One. Its like "Bro.... Come on.... You liked the PS2."

It's the lack of games. It's not like the PS4 or X 1 have any important exclusive to be bad mouthing each other.
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Yes, on larger TVs the average gamer will be able to notice the difference if he/she has time spent on both platforms. The lower resolution being upscaled along with AA will blur the image. It's not a huge mess but will show up on larger TVs. It's always there just not noticeable until you hit 46" and up at around 6' distance.

TL:DR Yes the avg gamer can if the tv is large or the distance is close. Which a lot of people like to use gamer chairs and others like to sit back on the couch so naturally they would prefer a larger TV.

TL:DR The Prequel - Yes
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