Should I get an Xbox one over a Wii u?

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2 years ago#11
D33p_Inside posted...
If you have both, which one do you use more?

No, get the Wii U.
2 years ago#12
If you're a big Mario, Zelda, Pokemon fan, and don't care about third party games, get a Wii u

Otherwise, avoid Wii U like the plague
2 years ago#13
dnmt posted...
Wii U fo sho.
2 years ago#14
I use my PS4 more.

Between the Xbox One and the Wii U ... well, it's about the same.
I may use the Xbox One more since I have EA Access and I'm perfectly fine waiting until games get into the vault.
2 years ago#15
It all depends on what games you want to play on said console. I've had the Wii U since release and I've really only played it for the first month and when Zelda WW was released. The other Wii U exclusives just don't interest me. I probably would've put in more hours if a couple of the multiplatform games didn't get pushed back. Like Blacklist and Watch Dogs. Blacklist was "I'd buy it if theres nothing else to play" and I was better off buying Watch Dogs on the X1 other than the Wii U. I'll definitely be putting more hours in once Hyrule Warriors and SSB comes out though.
2 years ago#16
If you plan to get plenty hardcore titles and fewer casuals, then go for X One.
If you plan to get plenty casuals and 1st party, go with Wii U.

Also, if your budget is tight, go for Wii U. It saved me from buying extra controllers (I just carried over Wii Classic controlers), HD TV set (currently playing on gamepad), and I got Wii discs to last me while I wait for Wii U killer apps.

If your budget is stretchy, why not get both?
2 years ago#17
No. WiiU is better. It has better exclusives and the power gap is not as big as many people claimed. Resolution doesn't really matter since I cannot really spot the difference anyway. Plus its cheaper so you can spend more money on games.
2 years ago#18
knightimex posted...
I have a wii u, and I enjoy it.
No desire what-so-ever to get an XBO at this time.

Obviously you don't take advice from people like those guy.
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2 years ago#19
Xbox One for mind blowing games like Killer Instinct and Titanfall.

Wii U for a pay wall free device to watch netflix while playing games on your Xbox One. And IF you're into it you can buy Super Smash brothers.
"It's not about visuals or gameplay. It's about exclusives." - Special-Edd
2 years ago#20
wii u is a trash imo
but if u are totally gaming addict, wii u can be a 2ndary console
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