Aww man!!! I'll wait!

#1JanayBerryPosted 8/23/2014 3:44:28 PM
Was highly considering the Xbox One next pay period, but I read that the Call of Duty: AW console will feature a 1TB hard drive.

If the HDDs were upgradable manually, this wouldn't be a problem. I'm usually all-digital, and that 1TB will be nice. Hope my delay don't make me late to the game, since I still want to play Killer Instinct.
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#2MrImpatient35Posted 8/23/2014 3:47:49 PM
Yeah...I'm thinking about buying it too. Not for the 1TB, but for the design. It's looks SO GOOD. I already have a 1TB external so I'm fine with HD space.
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