So Microsoft won't be at Tokyo Game Show...

#61Crystyn_7BPosted 8/25/2014 6:40:14 AM
dolabla posted...
Guys I can attest that Laylow is a very nice guy. While me and him have had some heated friendly debates over the last year or so, we've developed a really good friendship.

What I respect about him the most is how he's always on the frontlines and how he's willing to share what his sources tell him within the industry. He has some really good sources within the industry. He was one of the guys leaking out info about the whole DRM thing.

That used to be true but the last week or so he's just been a weak troll, who doesn't even check links posted in the OP but responds solely to some misleading title taking it at face value among other things.

He used to be fun but now he's just boring and weak.
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