I am not one to encourage remasters, but we need a Skyrim remaster

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I for one encourage as much remasters as they want. I have NO idea why people hate on them. But I would rather have oblivion than skyrim so maybe a elder scrolls pack with morrowind, oblivion and skyrim?

Oblivion is fugly no matter the specs it's running on. And some of us would rather they figure out backwards compatibility rather than port the popular stuff and use that as an excuse as to why we don't need it. Remasters are only good for games that deserve more sales than they got last Gen. So far, only TLoU and Metro qualify, the rest didn't deserve ports.

Yo Scooby! That ain't true bro, I loved how time paused and the camera zoomed into characters faces, it was great fun and immersive with dialogue! Skyrim dialogue is boring as hell bro!
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I'd rather not play that broken game. Till this day, it's still broken with bugs and glitches.

This is one of those rare times i would definitely say PC is better. Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim are good in their own rights, but my God the mods that are available to both add so much game play. Plus it seems their are mods that actually fix most of the bugs that exist. I think the modding community does a better job of debugging the elder scroll games then the devs do.

Lol, amazing what can be accomplished by free labor and no deadline's. Bethesda just being lazy, mirite?

You are right! But seriously the devs do a pretty good job at supporting their games even if they are slow at giving out the bug fixes even if they don't fix them all.
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Yeah. The only thing I want as much or more than skyrim is fallout 3 remade. Making an arm explode in slowmo would be tops
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I don't get the appeal of TES and Fallout w/o mods. They are broken and shallow games w/o them.
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Nope. I am just fine with my Xbox 360 copy. I would rather see Bethesda develop The Elder Scrolls VI.
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I don't get the appeal of TES and Fallout w/o mods. They are broken and shallow games w/o them.

Huge exaggeration. Better with mods? Absolutely. Broken without? BROKEN? Hardly.
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I for one can't bring myself to play a Bathesda game without mods.
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I have to be honest. I would love a Skyrim remaster. God that was the most beautiful game I've ever played. But then I'm a sucker for wintery mountain settings in general.

Plus take into account that Elder Scrolls VI is probably 5-6 years off as it is.
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Morrowind remastered>Skyrim remastered
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Bethesda doesn't need remasters, they need to finish their damn games lol.
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