What is your favorite Halo campaign?

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11 months ago#1
4! Love the campaign, and Cortana!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see MCC on X1 just for 4 :)
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11 months ago#2
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11 months ago#3
Halo 4 had me engaged the most, although I wasn't a big fan of the Prometheans, and the end boss fight was pretty disappointing.
11 months ago#4
Reach. Awesome 4 player co-op Legendary w/Skulls on. Fighting along side other custom Spartans was cool too.
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11 months ago#5
I agree with Reach. Also to an extent ODST.
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11 months ago#6
ODST. it was a fun spin-off game with some pretty fun characters. Reach is a close second, but Noble Team didnt really have as much chemistry with eachother like the ODST crew.

And I loved the VISR and soundtrack. Kind of gave it that 'All alone in a big rainy city' vibe.
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11 months ago#7
Either 3 or 4.
3 had easily the best final mission. 4 had the best overall story.
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11 months ago#8
3. Best co-op experience I had ever.
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11 months ago#9
11 months ago#10
2,3 or reach.
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