What is your favorite Halo campaign?

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9 months ago#31
The one where you start off fighting the covenant and then later it's OH NO, THE FLOOD!
9 months ago#32
Honestly it's hard to choose because I loved them all but I would have to say 4 for the simple fact that the story took a more mature, dark tone. The chief and cortana relationship was engaging. To the people who hated on it saying things like how dumb it was because the relationship was with an Ai are idiots, Cortana and chief were partners for a long time protecting each other saving the galaxy together. Of course chief is going to be affected by her deterioration/death.
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9 months ago#33

Best variety of missions. Imo.
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9 months ago#34
I'm gonna get flak for this but Halo 3: ODST.
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9 months ago#35
Combat Evolved is my favorite campaign.
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9 months ago#36
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9 months ago#37
4 up until the lackluster final encounter.
9 months ago#38
9 months ago#39
9 months ago#40
Halo 4 campaign is my favorite.

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