What games you getting in September?

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1 year ago#21
Destiny and Middle Earth
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1 year ago#22
Destiny and fantasy life. Though I doubt I will open fantasy life until December or January.
1 year ago#23
Destiny - XBO
Arcane Hearts 3: LoveMax!!! - PS3
Persona 4 Ultimax - Xbox 360
Killer Instinct Round 2 pre-order (early access for TJ Combo and Killer Instinct 2 port)
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1 year ago#24
Destiny and Naruto
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1 year ago#25
Destiny and Shadow of Mordor.
1 year ago#26
Dance Central Spotlight
Disney Infinity 2.0
Forza Horizon 2
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1 year ago#27
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1 year ago#28
Danganronpa 2 on Vita
Hyrule Warriors on WiiU
possibly Shadows of Mordor on XboxOne
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