How is Xbox live been immune to hackers all this time?

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2 years ago#101
WeirdShroom posted...
I saw a lot of Ps3 and 4 users on a facebook gaming group complaining of not even being able to play their digital games offline while PSN was down.

I was on hulu on my 360 the entire time they were supposedly attacking live. Not a hiccup.

BTW, I find it pretty funny the ponies go out of their way to say DDoS is not hacking(technically it is, just baby simple stuff...but still fits the overarching definition) yet also go out of their way to call a child pressing spacebar a bunch of times and getting intohis dads account with a glitch "major hax". Never doubt the the hypocritical depravity of a Sony Pony. I've disliked their ilk since the days before Xbox even existed. And they've only gotten worse.

You don't need to be signed into live for hulu to work...
"Exactly correct TC..."
2 years ago#102

Xbox Live is not immune to anything, but like the Red Ring of Death M$ simply downplays the problem or blames us instead.
Pour grammer annoy's me
2 years ago#103
I do, maybe you don't for some reason. The internet in my area blows and some days it cuts off and on a lot in little blips...Hulu especially gives me trouble because when my profile signs out due to the connection blip it boots me to some "sign back in" screen that doesn't care if I log back in or not and I have to exit and start the app back up. If XBL had disconnected it would have kicked me off. I was watching stuff solid the whole time. I was checking periodically anyway because I knew there were shenannigans going on.

Netflix, on the other hand, handles the blips fairly well...when I get signed out all It does is take me back to sign in and I just log back in and continue.

Youtube handles it flawlessly and doesn't even sign me out of xbl for some reason when the same thing just loads for a second while my internet reconnects then keeps me going.
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2 years ago#104
and I'm talking on 360 also, not One. Maybe it's different on One.
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2 years ago#105
Even though this whole topic is a troll post to annoy others, I must say, I haven't seen idiotic posting like duces9killa's in awhile. His posts are unbelievably cringe worthy jeez.

Why bother argueing people.
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2 years ago#106
In a while? You must not do much on the internet. Since the consoles were announced up to just today I can't go on any website with comments be it about videogames, movies or anything at all without seeing at least one ridiculous Sony Fanboy talking trash or promoting PS4. Literally everywhere, even on Wrestling sites. I bet that's how PS4 managedto sell so many units....the pure volume of fanboys promoting it and trashing on Xbox leads a lot of the sheepy masses to jump on the train. It's the current trendy thing. Wii was the trendy thing and look at the sales it least console sales anyway.
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2 years ago#107
Hell, even sites like IGN and N4G are treading hard into Sony fanboy territory. So many articles either promoting ps4 or trashing Xbox. Hell, people can't even say something in the comments on N4G even remotely hinting at positivity towards Xbox without getting a bunch of downvotes. Sony Defense Force has been running full steam and then some for the last year+
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2 years ago#108
and don't get me started on Facebook comments. There could be zeroe comments except one and it would be a Sony Fanboy complaining about Xbox Fanboys , Trashing Xbox and proclaiming PS4 as the Jesus Christ of consoles. It's absurd.

Especially since both consoles are great(though super underpowered compared to PC) and closer in power than any fanboy would ever admit. The gap last gen was bigger and that made little difference.
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2 years ago#109
and don't get me wrong just because I am a 360 owner. That is my first MS console and I have hated Sony Fanboys since before I owned an Xbox 360 and since before Xbox even existed. They have always been the most vocal and absurd dregs of both the gaming community and even as far as fanboys go. Sure, most fanboys of anything are bad...but none of them are as bad as Sony Ponies are. The worst there is, the worst there was and the worst there ever will be. And they have been EVEN WORSE since these new console were announced.
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2 years ago#110
a687947 posted...
duces9killa posted...
Miccroft executive employee xbox account got hacked so deal with it

No, their social security numbers and personal info were obtained illegally and used to recover their accounts. It explicitly states that in the Engadget article you posted.

do you honestly think the sony pony can read?
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