Is netflix 1080p or super hd in xbox one?

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The next gen systems are the reason why I got a new hdtv for xmas
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I tried the quality on ps4 and xbox one and I don't see a difference. Honestly.
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I opened up my Xbox One, but all I saw was wires and a few boards. No Super Netflix Bros. HD edition.
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What? Haha.
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MRL3G3ND posted...
thats all people can say "It's there on the website"
But I've never seen a Super HD labeled movie/show on Netflix,
and there is no way to tell if you are doing 1080p

yet the fanboys are happy with "it's there on the website"

I see it all the time on my xbox. Do you not look at the top of the screen where the title is? Or are your eyes closed and you use the force to scroll movies/shows?
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It says hd on xbox one in netflix that's all I see. Standard shows like x files don't get hd for some reason. Heck Raymond does and that's from the 90s.