If there was Call of Duty Modern Warfare Complete edition would you buy for $60?

#1known2FAILPosted 8/25/2014 4:29:43 AM
Would you buy a CoD MW complete (CoD4+MW2+MW3)? - Results (87 votes)
Yes I would pay $60
48.28% (42 votes)
Yes I would buy it but not for $60
10.34% (9 votes)
41.38% (36 votes)
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If they release all 3 campaigns combined, all the Spec Ops and a few new ones, and all the MP combined... Would you buy it?
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#2shoji_joPosted 8/25/2014 5:35:55 AM
Yeah probably.

I've only played Halo 3 and Reach, disliked both but am still going to buy the Master Chief Collection.
Seems such good value for money and hopefully playing Halo 1 and 2 may get me to like the series.

COD 4 Modern Warfare made me love FPS games. It seemed like the perfect game when it came out and so many games seemed to have failed to have the same impact.
Although I've been put off the series a bit by the recent installments, the 3 MW games in one, updated graphics and gameplay, no hacked servers, would certainly be worth the punt.
#3DmanTeePosted 8/25/2014 6:19:29 AM
* Enters topic. *

* Looks around. *

* Twirls like a ballerina and prances out the door. *
#4CrazyEyeLouiePosted 8/25/2014 6:55:16 AM
DmanTee posted...
* Enters topic. *

* Looks around. *

* Twirls like a ballerina and prances out the door. *

#5userfrigginamePosted 8/25/2014 6:55:35 AM
No, I already have all the previous games, so I'd see no reason in re-buying them.
#6Big FanPosted 8/25/2014 7:16:51 AM
As long as CoD4 and MW2 multi was intact like the MCC then yes
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#7Infinite 2003Posted 8/25/2014 7:39:37 AM
I might when the price dropped. I'd only really be interested in 4. MW2 and 3 are trash.
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#8Lennox_GOATPosted 8/25/2014 7:43:57 AM
As long as multiplayer is intact, absolutely.

I would rebuy every COD from the 360 if multiplayer was intact.

I'd also like a Batman Trilogy.

Those are the only re-releases I want.

I am actually stunned Activision is not going to release the COD games again. I am not a big Halo fan, but I am absolutely buying the Collection to support such hard work and to also drive sales so COD and Batman big wigs can see revenue can be made.
#9Hucast9Posted 8/25/2014 8:16:48 AM
I wouldn't buy it, but I would think about it if they made it so you can play any Modern Warfare game with any map from any of the other Modern Warfare games including all the dlc maps.
#10ComradeRyanPosted 8/25/2014 8:28:37 AM
No. I would purchase remastered versions of Call of Duty: World at War & Call of Duty: Black Ops though.
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