Will we see another Ace Combat game this generation?

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User Info: Pixx0

2 years ago#11
yamato6945 posted...
They have a new one on PSN free to play and download and it goes back to the original style like previous ace combat's it's great

Good joke. There are so far 5 or 6 missions, all of them extremely shoirt. The F2P model is restrictive and I, myself, thought I would get the $20 full pass which cancels the whole F2P model... but 8 missions (that's how many are planned so far), no local saves (everything is Namco server based) is a clear /middlefinger to this game for me.

Good if you enjoy it, but great? Give me a break...
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User Info: CapwnD

2 years ago#12
potatodood posted...
No offense, as much as I love the series, they kind of killed it off by putting AC6 on the 360 only, then compounded it by changing the formula to assault horizon that got a mixed reception (personally I didn't like it). I'm not sure how the F2P is doing, but I'm not expecting them anymore. I'm a little sad, but its kind of the fault of namco and project aces for those dumb decisions

I agree. AC6 being on Xbox 360 and not on PS3 was a mistake. Very unfortunate. But I'm not sure that it would have turned out much different.

I don't like these F2P models for games, I realize that it may be the best way for games like this but I don't like it at all.
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User Info: BiggyDX

2 years ago#13
Also, does anyone remember Air Force Delta Strike for the PS2 by Konami? I freakin loved that game. I liked the branching story and just how many aircraft there were; even if some were kinda ridiculous.
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