Other than gameplay, what's most important to you?

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DarthUchiha91 posted...
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Gameplay first. Online multiplayer second.

In before people start saying "FPS and Resolution are more important than gameplay"

Does anyone actually seriously straight up outright say that?

I have yet to hear it from even the most outrageous fanboys.

I hope not lol , but I wouldn't be surprised.
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Is this serious? FPS is a total game changer, try playing COD @ 30FPS against someone with 60FPS and you'll notice how much it affects gameplay through your KILL/DEATH ratio.

Any game benefits from 60FPS
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Ultimately, it's how any of these components come together to make a fun experience on a game by game basis.
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Sound/music. It's amazing how much a game can immerse you with sound alone. It can take a game with a bad story line and make it significantly better with the right audio to put you in the mood per say.
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