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11 months ago#1
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73.33% (11 votes)
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I've enjoyed all of the Resident Evil games, even 5 and 6, but I think it would be an interesting change to have the next RE be very similar to Outlast. It could use the same engine, and most of the same assets, just replace the camera with a flashlight, maybe add in a pistol or shotgun here and there.

What do you think?
Trey Songz #1 Fan!
11 months ago#2
Outlast is first person right? (Never played it)

If so, then no way in hell, those Chronicles games were enough for me lol.

Capcom need to have all of the people who work there now, play through RE 1-3, maybe even code veronica and take notes. That's what Resident Evil needs to be at to be a good game again (I too enjoyed 5 and 6 as well), just go back to a more simple type of game like the classics were.
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