Why would anyone limit themselves to one console?

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lunaticcore posted...
I have owned pretty much all the main consoles ever gen up till now. I never really used my wii or Ps3 last gen enough to really feel like i got my money's worth. So for now I am just passing on the wii U/Ps4 unless I get tempted or have money to waste.

This has been my experience as well and I've been doing this multiconsole ownership thing since the Atari/Coleco days. At 39 it ps taken me this long to realize that I just can't justify having multiple consoles just to own exclusives that I barely have time to play if at all. For me, my shift from Sony to MS started with the Xbox as it felt like an attempt to capture a PC gaming sensibility on a console and me being a PC gamer at the time I found I was getting tired of the feel of a lot of what Sony was putting out.

Bought a PS3 and Xbox 360 at their respective launches and found my PS3 collecting dust and my dislike for their exclusives despite buying them and their being respectively good games despite my dislike for them. Honestly, I just got tired of buying games I never get around to playing because I think I would have the time and then end up not. But I'm one of those guys that ends up owning about 300+ games per system every generation, so I'm not the typical gamer here.

This gen I decided I would be a one console guy for the first time since the late 70's /early 80's. I have nothing against the other systems, they just don't appeal to my tastes anymore as a gamer. PC, Xbox One and mobile is my new comfort zone and it provides more than enough gaming for the time I have as a father of three. I may entertain getting a WiiU solely for my kids as they have somehow grown an interest in Mario where they once didn't care for the character, but even then I know that system will collect dust once they have gotten it out of their system since they are much more catered to CoD, Halo, Diablo, Minecraft, Terraria than Mario...
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regsantotomas posted...
There is no "right" way to enjoy a hobby.

This may be the most logical, unbiased, and level headed statement posted on this board since its inception.
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Reflex-Arc posted...
regsantotomas posted...
There is no "right" way to enjoy a hobby.

This may be the most logical, unbiased, and level headed statement posted on this board since its inception.

Here here!
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People do what they want with their money and that is their choice. Now I do believe that a lot of people who say that they will not buy an xboxbone because its exclusives do not interest them are just assuming that based on the 360's exclusive s.

Some people are bias and playing it safe.
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There's no room at the moment for me to get another. I would have to get rid of the 360 to be able to have the PS4 hooked up. Plus there isn't any exclusives on the PS4 that interest me at the moment.
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I have both consoles and infact sold my ps3 to get an xbox one because since i got my ps4 i never touched my ps3 again.... The reason i own both consoles is to play exclusives like Infamous, TLoU, and Halo MCC
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blablablax17 posted...
You get all the exclusives, and you get to play multiplats on the strongest console (this Gen it's ps4,last Gen it was 360)

Only rabid fanboys would pick one console.

Not really it's called having

A house
A wife
2 kids
A car
Insurance for both house and car
Needing to put food on the table.
Cloths for both kids
Spending time with my family

It has nothing to do with being a " rabid fanboy " it's called not wasting money on 2 systems when they generally play most of the same games. It's called having your priorities in order and providing for your family instead of blowing all my money on gaming consoles.

If I'm a rabid fanboy then your just a flat out nerd.
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squon posted...
AWarAmp84 posted...
Crystyn_7B posted...
money, time and interest constraints.


This x 10000000. It's called having a life outside of videogames TC. Gaming is my hobby not my life.

99.99% of people on gamefaqs dont have lives outside of playing video games all day, everyday.

I love when people pull random statistics right out of their ass and then attempt to put everyone into one group.

You are too funny.
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Time constraints. Money constraints. And I only need one. I have one car, one job, one girlfriend, one shower, one room, one house, one TV, one computer. I only need one of a certain object, not two. And I chose Xbox because the online multiplayer games are historically better.
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A nice computer, Xbox One, and Wii U is plenty for me and my family's gaming needs. To answer the question bluntly, because I have no desire to add another machine into the fold. It's just another unnecessary money sink.
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