got Titanfall and Watchdogs as a gift, keep or trade in?

#11GambitbuzzkillPosted 8/26/2014 4:39:05 AM
whompa_fett posted...
My wifey got me a console bundle for my bday that came with titanfall and watchdogs, I am probably going to keep titanfall merely because I did play it a few times and had a ton of fun with it, however the gameplay I have seen of watchdogs really left me uninterested, I was contemplating returning watchdogs and either getting DR3 or Shadows of Mordor, opinions Gfaqs board?

I think you should keep both because your wife did a nice thing for you and to just trade away her gift would be a jerk move on your part.
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I can never understand what makes an adult ask advice on things so trivial. Do you not have your own functioning brain to make this decision all by yourself?
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Erm there is far better fps and far better open world games coming out so i would be very tempted to trade them both.
I played through both but that was during the great gaming drought of early 2014.
There is gona be a lot of better options between now and xmas
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I would trade in Watch_Dogs. It was a mediocre game.