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cold question
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ThatOneMan113/5 12:57PM
Just got my XB1 last night, anyone else surprised how frggin' big it is?
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HaloODSTD353/5 12:55PM
question about Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter(astro a50)Warzore23/5 12:50PM
have they said/shown what is in the $250 halo 5 CE?axelfooley2k543/5 12:48PM
All this talk about DX12. When is it coming?Artvandelay198483/5 12:37PM
So it looks like PC games are coming to Xbox One.
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BringerOfSalt853/5 12:20PM
Just got my XB1!! Looking for some suggestions.
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FewButCrazy153/5 11:58AM
What upcoming X1 games are you most looking forward to?WebsandWigs103/5 11:48AM
Wasteland 2 will be coming to Xbox One!
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True_Warrior52463/5 11:41AM
State Of Decay Year One Edition Pre Order Bonuses RevealedExodus_Prime83/5 11:25AM
As a PC gamerGothmogz23/5 11:13AM
DVD helpk1d_rar353/5 11:05AM
any reason there is an update literally EVERY other day?Hidan62383/5 11:03AM
In your honest opinion, does the XB1 look and feel next gen? or X360 2.0?
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HaloODSTD303/5 10:41AM
Any chance they will release an HD remake of the first 2 Assassins Creed?
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Clouds_Blade143/5 10:31AM
New Kinect Game - Commander Cherry's Puzzled JourneyKID VID103/5 10:23AM
As a ps4 owner I got to say
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HomieKnockout293/5 10:21AM
The designers of Oculus Rift, MS Hololens and Virtual Boy all killed in cars...RuinerEraser33/5 10:15AM
XB1 and PC together is a good thing in my book.
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AttackOnTitan113/5 10:07AM
Will their be a killer instinct season 3shads305573/5 10:04AM