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1 year ago#1

You can only choose one specific element. One mechanic, feature, or asset... that you believe should be in every single current generation game released... just one!!

So, in your opinion, every single videogame should have....?
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1 year ago#2
Incredible character customization.
1 year ago#3
Pour grammer annoy's me
1 year ago#4
Evolving never ending world.
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1 year ago#5
Engaging gameplay.
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1 year ago#6
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1 year ago#7
Open world anything
1 year ago#8
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1 year ago#9
4000k resolution. It's the only determining factor in a quality game.
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1 year ago#10

Every single one, I can't think of a genre that can't be improved with mechs, just jam them in everything, I will seriously purchase a barbie's horse adventure game if I know there's a multi-ton deathbot somewhere in it.

i miss chromehounds
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