What If Microsoft Adds Cortana Into The Xbox One OS System?

#21Shadowfxd2Posted 8/26/2014 6:15:33 PM
Hucast9 posted...
A Cortana themed user interface would be very nice. I would be in favor of it.

same, I really don't see why this isn't implemented.
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mygoodluckcharm posted...
CapwnD posted...
What if she plays MP Halo with you, and then you and her fall in love?

So basically the plot of Her movie but with Cortana.

If I get mine, does it really matter if she gets hers?
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dueric posted...
I don't know. I think the whole talking to a virtual object like it's a person thing is kind of dorky as it is.

"Xbox, On". I mean, really? Do they think I'm 9 years old or what?

The other day my buddy used "Siri" on his iPhone and said the name while doing the search. I slapped him, then apologized and asked him politely never to do that while near me again. He totally understood. LOL (true story, btw)

No, No that's not what I meant. Saying "Xbox ON" is not Cortana. Cortana is an artificial human intelligence. Siri is not. From what I seen from Cortana. She can do a lot more then Siri. If Microsoft ever does this they need to do it right. Microsoft has a lot of resources, but then again Cortana just came out meaning its out in the public. I assume that as we speak Microsoft has people on Cortana. So who knows Microsoft will ever put her in Xbox one...
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