Why no confidence in Quantum Break, Microsoft?

#41AceAndJunpeiPosted 8/30/2014 12:10:10 PM
trenken posted...
Sunset looks like Infamous with actual style and color. And I liked Infamous, own it on my PS3 but the game is incredibly forgettable, and Insomniac always delivers.

Decent stealth troll post, although clearly another salty pony pissed off that the X1 has fun games on the way. And the PS Bore has.... LBP3 and Driveclub lmfao. Ouch

Jealousy is one of the deadly sins, and you look very desperate. Quantum Break looks fun. If I have to play another dark, charmless underdeveloped Demons Souls game, kill me now. Its fake fabricated difficulty. Go play an NES game where you get 3 tries to beat a game and tell me Demons Souls is tough. Weak ass crap for modern gamers.

Insomniac always delivers?

LMFAO, no. Resistance trilogy and Fuse tell me you don't have a f****** clue.
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