Titanfall dead in AUS?

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killtacular30 posted...
Is there a certain game mode I need to choose to play the online campaign?

It's just labeled "campaign". Especially if you're new to the game that's probably the only option. I think it makes you go through the campaign your first few levels.
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Ok Thanks...
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Titanfall is pretty dead in the USA too so..

Are you drunk?
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This is my concern with multiplayer only games. There are so many multiplayer games out that the player base is getting really spread out across all of the different games. Given the lower population in Australia compared to the EU and US it means a lot of these games are completely dead in a couple of months after release.

That said thankfully PvZ has managed to maintain a decent playerbase as I love that game.
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Geist posted...
Titanfall is far from dead in any country. So sad how many of you lie just because you're bored.

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I find matches pretty easily in Marked for Death, pretty much all I've played ever since I started playing again. Already put 90 hours into the game.
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I had to delete it twice and now it's better, don't really know why or how that stuffs up but alright...
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I just tried to play it, only 2 other people in the attrition lobby with me....been like this for 5 minutes...wtf?
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Legend524 posted...
I just tried to play it, only 2 other people in the attrition lobby with me....been like this for 5 minutes...wtf?

What part of Titanfall is dead are you not understanding..?
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Titanfall was a good idea, but Respawn's arrogance and lack of support drove the game into the ground. It needed more maps, more modes, more guns, more customisation, better matchmaking, more competitive edge, a proper campaign or no compaign at all.

Most overhyped and overrated game of the year so far, Destiny will exactly the same I bet.