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2 years ago#1
Although many publishers rely on existing teams to create the latest and greatest games, Microsoft seem to be setting up several new first party studios, which is a great sign.

For the people who were crying a river over the Tomb Raider Announcement and crucifying Microsoft and not having their own first party studios. But most importantly for real gamers this is good news.

Leap Experience Pioneers (LXP) were discovered a few months back, but now their website reveals more of their sister studios, with job application links. Those studios are SOTA (State of the Art), [FUN]ction Studios, Good Science, NP, and Platform Next.

SOTA - State Of The Art

[FUN]CTION studios

Good Science



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2 years ago#2
Cool but this a few days old brother man.
2 years ago#3
i cant stop laughing at this. my first clans was called League of Extraordinary (male member), or LXP for short
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
2 years ago#4
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2 years ago#5
Nothing new or unusual here. The x1 is established and doing fine at 5 mil not even a year in, ms has a crap ton of money, like 325 billion in cash to spend, and they like throwing it around, but sony and nintendo both do this too.

Nintendo has many development studios and they dont have close to the amount of money ms has. All it shows is that ms is very committed to the future of xbox which we basically knew already. These teams are to work on new exclusive ips, perhaps work in sequels to others.
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