IR Blaster to control cable box?

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2 years ago#1

I just purchased my xbox one. It does not have the kinect, and even though I plan on purchasing one, I don't plan on having it connected all the time.

It appears that in order to use the TV feature, I must buy an IR blaster? Is that correct? Is there a certain one that is recommended? I have Dish Network if that makes any difference.

I have a Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote. I would like to continue using that obviously since I don't plan on using the kinect at all times. Any helpful hints?

In the meantime I am going to set my Harmony remote on the Dish Network so I can still change the channels while it is passing through the xbox one, but I'd really like to use the xbox's slick looking guide.

Just someone please give me some ideas of what I need to buy and do to make all of this work. Thank you.
2 years ago#2
Pretty sure the Kinect is the only IR blaster you can use but I could be wrong.
2 years ago#3
Well there is definitely an IR Out on the back of the xbox one (it's right next to the ethernet port) and it mentioned something about it when I was setting it up, but then again I could be completely wrong about everything. I'm new to this so I'm not sure of anything.
2 years ago#4
All you need is a cheap IR cord, that's how I use my Xbox to control my TV.

Hopefully this link works since it's from my phone, but this type of cable is all you need. Just plug it into the back of the xbox and then stick on the emitter over the IR on the cable box you have. If the link didn't work just search ir emitter and Amazon and you'll find a ton of them for cheap.
2 years ago#5
Also you need one emitter per device. Some cord's have 2 or 3 on them so you can stick one to your TV and another to your cable box so you can control both devices. It's pretty sweet when you get it all up and running. All I need is the xbox media remote to control everything in my living room. Hitting power turns on and off all my devices at once, etc. Yeah, the kinect does the same thing, but if you got the system without it this is the best option.
2 years ago#6
Thank you sir! I just purchased one. I went with a single emitter because my harmony remote will control my television and sound system just fine. I just was in need of some better integration between the cable box and the xbox.

Thanks again!
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