Looking for a 7200 3TB external hard drive

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You'll save more money if you put a hard drive in a casing instead. This is exactly what I have and it works flawless. The case also has a fan, and lights up blue =)

I moved all my games to the external, and they load up even faster than before. Diablo 3 literally loads up instances in about 1.5-2 seconds haha.

Toshiba 3.5-Inch 3TB 7200 RPM SATA3/SATA 6.0 GB/s 64MB Hard Drive

Rosewill RX-358 U3C BLK 3.5-Inch USB3.0 Aluminum and Plastic eSATA External Enclosure Hardrive, Black

How does that external compare to Seagate drives? And also why use the case?

Not very informed on external hardware and such... interested in buying one though...

You need the case because the drive is intended to be used as an internal hdd, not external so it will only have a SATA connection, not USB. So you buy an external hdd case which plugs into the internal hdd via the SATA connection, and then the case has a USB port which allows you to connect it to a PC/console via USB, you'll just need to plug it into a power source but the case will have an AC adapter, the powered USB port on the XB1 may be good enough too, not sure though. The better ventilation the case has the cooler the hdd will stay, the better it will perform/last, having the fans is a bonus.

Gotcha..thanks For the info
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How does that external compare to Seagate drives?

Seagate is literally the worst. They are cheapest for a reason.
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How does that external compare to Seagate drives?

Seagate is literally the worst. They are cheapest for a reason.

well i have a 2 tb seagate usb 3.0 external. seperate power supply and stuff. mainly use it with my hauppauge hd pvr2 for recording shows and sometimes gameplay and stuff so that i dont clog up space on the laptop hard drive. never had any quirks with it.

havent tried it for the x1 yet, or even gaming in general. was thinking about it, but thanks for shooting that one down for me. i bought it just over a year ago on sale from staples at like $60 or something.
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I ended up snagging both items and putting it together. It keeps saying I have a new external device and gives me the option to format it, then nothing seems to happen after that. Should it have a progress bar or anything? Formatting is usually fairly quick.

Did you get it working yet? After it was formatted, I moved all games over to the external, and left all apps on the internal.
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