How is this possible? Madden 15 has better lighting on Xbone compared to PS4?

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InninXI posted...
Gotta love blind fanboy ways from both sides.

I don't love them, they're becoming more and more of a headache. They're absolutely pathetic. People have got to stop being idiotic fanboys for some corporation.
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its most likely tapping into the xb1 2nd, possibly 3rd secret GPU.
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OMG!!! The rainbow is sooooo beautiful
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is this real?

did they do different lighting for ps4?

i highly doubt it

the clouds are different and the shade on the field is different

this is just a giant waste of time people
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So Tom Brady is handsome on the Xbox One, but ugly on the PS4 version?
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Power of the cloud
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If I had ever enjoyed a football video game in my life, I might have cried salty tears over not having an XOne yet.

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Oh no. Somebody screencapped the PS4 footage for a terrible annual roster update game just before the sun glare hits. Whatever will I do? That 6m+ worldwide gap in less than 12 months means nothing now!

The alt says hoping no one would notice...

Hey dnmt!

How's your alt KCyPher doing?

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