Lockout, Next Halo MCC remastered map

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User Info: TOhasNoRing

2 years ago#1
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User Info: Halo3GAMEFREAK

2 years ago#2
(My reaction to stolen kills) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkktKSjCHgo

User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

2 years ago#3
looks alright
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User Info: LEGEND_725

2 years ago#4
No surprise, one of the best maps ever though I perfer the pit from H3
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User Info: MicrosoftLover

2 years ago#5
Halo3GAMEFREAK posted...

Damn, the memories.
"It's not about visuals or gameplay. It's about exclusives." - Special-Edd

User Info: NeonYoshi11

2 years ago#6
H2 version has better visibility.

User Info: Landonio

2 years ago#7
NeonYoshi11 posted...
H2 version has better visibility.

True. Some sightlines are off too. Still looks good though.

User Info: rusty12000

2 years ago#8
Damnit.... The one game I really want an Xbox One for...
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User Info: Jiggy101011

2 years ago#9
rusty12000 posted...
Damnit.... The one game I really want an Xbox One for...

So get an xbox one?
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User Info: da_StoOge

2 years ago#10
It's funny, Lockout is probably my all time favourite multiplayer map, and yet I was hoping it wouldn't get remastered in this version.

The reason being that there are tiny, one inch thick ledges above each "doorframe" in the level that I used to use to spring off with some clever crouch jumping, and it opened up the map so much it gave me an advantage over every other player I ever met.

And because it's such a tiny, tiny detail, you can bet it won't be there in the remaster. It wasn't there in Halo 3's "98%" identical (according to Bungie) Blackout, after all.
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