Which do you prefer? Digital or physical

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2 years ago#41
All my games have been digital because we game share and I got a bunch of free Xbox money.
2 years ago#42
chip1289 posted...
If MS and Sony really wanted all digital they could make them 49.99 digital and physical 59.99 bam all digital. Why dont they do this they make more with no shipping , packaging and sharing with retailers. So stop the BS that gamestop are the only money grubbers ALL businesses are that way

MS/Sony won't make digital cheaper because it would majorly piss off retailers. Full on digital would be the death knell of Gamestop and others stores like them yet at present they are an essential part of game distribution so they have to be kept on side. The first console maker to discount digital would have a backlash from these retailers.

steam did things the best because Valve leveraged the power of releasing the hottest PC game (Half Life 2) and making it exclusive to their platform. Maybe if MS/Sony released their exclusives, and they were really good games, at a cut price (ie $60 less Gamestop's normal cut) exclusively digital then they could start the transition. However, given that many big publishers have separate deals with retailers (exclusive DLC, toys, apparel, etc) this might not completely turn the tide.
2 years ago#43
It's according to the game. A sports game or COD physical, Halo or another game that I plan on playing for a long time and not getting rid of digital.
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2 years ago#44
Physical, but I will buy digital if it's the only way to get it or if it's really cheap (ie Steam sales).
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2 years ago#45
Consoles = Physical
PC = Digital
2 years ago#46
I think I'm going to go all digital this gen, Ive yet to put a disk in my Xbone. Not sure how to lolol
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2 years ago#47
On consoles(especially Nintendo consoles) physical.Though it's become half and half do sales on older titles I missed or digital only release.
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2 years ago#48
vashkey posted...
Prefer physical but if there's a good sale on digital then I'll go with that and I have no objections to buying a digital only release

This by far is the best answer in my opinion.
2 years ago#49
Physical by far.
2 years ago#50
Papi010 posted...
Digital. Who wants to go to Gamestop? That place stinks although maybe not as stenchy as the Apple store

You mean literally?
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