Did EA purposely nerf Madden 25 ps4 because Sony denied EA Access?

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Sith Jedi posted...
Lol, literally every game that has even the smallest of advantages on XB1 so far has had the Sony fanboys putting their tinfoil hats on. I've even seen people claiming that MS paid that pseudo-hacker group to DDoS attack PSN.

It must suck to require that level if reassurance to enjoy a console.

I've seen that too. So lemme guess. MS somehow paid somebody to make Sony on the brink of bankruptcy? lol
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I think TC has every right to be pissed off and throwing baseless accusations around. Someone has to bear responsibility for his unsatisfied gaming experience on PS4 and it for damn sure isn't sonys fault

You mean besides the fact that sony approved it through the certification process in its current state, right?

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