State of Decay getting 1080p remaster for Xbox One

#1Exodus_PrimePosted 8/29/2014 8:11:42 AM
Here we go...

State of Decay Year One Survival Edition will improve on the visuals of game, bundle in the two DLC releases (Lifeline and Breakdown), and introduce some new gameplay elements to the core State of Decay game. The game will also run at 1080p, compared to the 720p of the original Xbox 360 version.


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#2astutecolliePosted 8/29/2014 8:13:07 AM
Never heard of it. Just sayin
#3Dev445Posted 8/29/2014 8:14:36 AM
Cool I never did get very far on the 360 version, so this will be nice.
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#4redditon4chanPosted 8/29/2014 8:16:21 AM
A zombie game getting a rerelease only about a year after it was originally released on the new console in its family?

Man. Its as if this seemed like a big deal for something... a big, terrible deal.

I forget now.
#5AWarAmp84Posted 8/29/2014 8:17:07 AM
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#6ScRuiPosted 8/29/2014 8:30:47 AM
Never was interested in it on the 360... Might give it a shot on the Xbox ONE... heard good things back then, so will keep an eye out for it this go round..
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#7zerooo0Posted 8/29/2014 8:31:18 AM
AWarAmp84 posted...

They have no excuse not to rise time, and if they didn't then this will just be a cheap cash grab. I don't mind remaster only if they show some type of improvement. 1080p isn't just going to be enough for me to buy the have again.
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#8EastCoastKodyPosted 8/29/2014 8:32:23 AM
i have it on 360........its a ridiculously awesome game.

It was really wonky and buggy at first. But they fixed all that stuff with patches.

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#10schmittay87Posted 8/29/2014 8:34:19 AM
I guess PS4 is dethroned as king of remasters!

Rejoice fellow xbros!