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1 year ago#1
Intel Atom 1.20GHz - 512MB DDR2 SDRAM - Serial ATA 5400 RPM HDD - Intel GMA 3600
1 year ago#2
DEV 937430060 going to add him to my XBL friends list, he needs a friend after that headshot.
American. So now you can hate me because of stereotypes and my geographical location. Genius.
1 year ago#3
Damn you TC, as if i wasn't having a hard enough time waiting for this game... People can talk all the s*** they want, I HEAVILY enjoyed the Destiny beta and with that said I still know this 10 year old game is gonna take all my time from it. That speaks volume's. It's just (To me) Multiplayer at it's absolute finest. Nowadays everything forsake's balance for extra bell's and whistles, this collection look's like it will have both.

I cant wait.
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1 year ago#4
Is it just me, or is the sound f'n AMAZING?!
HIIT or Tabata is necessary for me
1 year ago#5
I agree with the above poster. I was already too pumped for this game. Now it is even worse!
You're killin me Small's
1 year ago#6
Diablo 3, Destiny, and Halo MCC. I'm going to be busy.
XBL GT: Loyal Catalyst
1 year ago#7
Again my body is ready.
1 year ago#8
Looks awesome. The memories.
1 year ago#9
This is one game that can not come soon enough!
Gonna be so much fun :)
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1 year ago#10
Xbox GT: Whiteangel50
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