list the games you own u wish you never got but are stuck with

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User Info: shads3055

2 years ago#1
i buy digtial only so here is my list of games i wish i never got:

dead rising 3
battlefield 4

User Info: Homie_202

2 years ago#2
Well there is your first problem you buy digital only. I'm not stuck with any of may games. In fact I just traded in bf4 on my ps4 for $40 which is what I paid for it before the ps4 was even out. The only time I buy digital is if it the only way it's released.

User Info: ExDios

2 years ago#3
Ryse, but then again it's physical and I can just exchange it.
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User Info: MasteroftheArts

2 years ago#4
Perfect Dark: Zero
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User Info: shoji_jo

2 years ago#5
Legend of Zelda: windwaker

Was a free digital copy when I bought Mario Kart 8
It's meant to be good but I just hate the cuteness of it all. I should have chosen a different free game!

PES games. No trade in value and have been quite crap in recent years.
Slowly they are improving again. Fingers crossed for this years version!

User Info: puffnbillys420

2 years ago#6
Im not stuck with anything...
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User Info: Sorceress Knight

Sorceress Knight
2 years ago#7
Actually I first rent games as physical copies, if I like them I get the digital version... Unless I know I will love the game like Diablo 3: UEE or Forza Horizon 2... These were and will be Day One Digital!
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User Info: kennyynnoo

2 years ago#8
NFS Rivals
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User Info: Stabs2503

2 years ago#9
Defiance. It was an impulse buy cuz I was enjoying the show so much then played not even an hour of it and never played again lol. Physical copy but it's not worth anything to trade in so I just keep it
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User Info: LanternOfAsh

2 years ago#10
Stuck with games? Is this really a problem now?
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