So Activision is now going after Rockstar Games and the GTA series

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2 years ago#31
Binge_Drinker posted...
tell me, how is EA much much worse outside of the whole Simcity fiasco?

I'd like to hear it, because through the years, Activision has taken everything it owns and has milked them to Oblivion.

i'll just post that for starters on how Acti-Blizz is awful.

Dungeon Keeper. YouTube shillgate ( ), EA Access ToS contradicts the explicit reassurances of the PR ( ), and countless examples of not supporting their completely broken games, and unrivalled numbers of server shutdowns rendering games broken (further). And that's outside of the whole "SimCity fiasco" that you seem to think you can dismiss (because you're either a shill or a fantroll) That's just off the top of my head, and those alone are more egregious than anything Activision has done.

And what's your rebuttal? But Acti milks stuff, whaaaa!! EA milks just as much, but notice that wasn't one of the things I mentioned, and it's something you are citing yet hypocritically giving EA a pass on. Buying companies and milking s*** is SOP for successful companies in any industry, and a weak ass argument. EA has a long and terrible record of actual anti-consumer behavior and employee exploitation. I didn't even bring that last one up because, sadly, that is evil, but that too is inevitable on some level (Apple, MS, Nintendo, EA, even Activision... if not under their own roofs, at least the outsourced work to factories or contractors has resulted in accusations leveled at them). I skimmed your link and saw nothing deceptive or anti-consumer. Accusing a corp of being greedy is an absurd complaint, and one that fails in the context of criticising Activision but defending EA.
2 years ago#32
Good thing Rockstar isn't stupid. They are much too powerful to be swallowed up by other companies.
2 years ago#33
I thought Bungie was just having Activision publish Destiny. Doesn't mean they own them. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

And damn, I thought 2k/Take Two were doing pretty well for themselves. The 2K sports games, Rockstar, Bioshock, Borderlands...they shouldn't be hurting for cash.
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