Garden Ware did better on X1 versus ps4?

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Lol PS4 did nearly half of what X1 did (in 6 months) in one week.

80k was in one week on xbox one genius. It sold 240k in 6 mos. So ps4 did less than half of what xbox one did in one week.

Learn to read.

That's rough right there. Maybe it sold poorly on PS4 because it wasn't weabo enough for them.


It aiming to sell poorly on both, unless you guys now deem 240k as "selling well".

I believe it isn't a manly enough game to sell well in the FPS genre. And I'm being completely serious there.

I actually agree with this. Slow sales for a fun game.
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It doesn't surprise me. Xbox owners know quality when they see it.
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I would have got it on PS4 but I had a backlog and bought D3, with Destiny coming out as well there just isn't enough time in my day.... Looks like a fun game though.
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