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2 years ago#1
Trust me I know I'm late. But if anyone could invite me my gt is HolyCrapMo. I'd love you forever
2 years ago#2
Can any one throw an invite my way
2 years ago#3
Just wait. These topics are getting so tired. I did 360 previews every single time last gen and hated it. Come home to game, sit through yet another update. Let other people test it. We're waiting at most a month for final releases at this point.
Live: CyberEvil
PSN: CyberEvil-PSN
2 years ago#4
Give me your gamertag I'll invite you
Xbox Live - nukkaniiick
2 years ago#5
can I get a invite as well? gamertag : J2damuahz. I would greatly appreciate it.
GT: J2damuahz
PSN: J2damuahz
2 years ago#6
My gamertag is holycrapmo
And thanks in advance
2 years ago#7
Please invite me...

Gt: JackintheXbox11
2 years ago#8
Can anyone invite me ???
2 years ago#9
I'd love an invite too please!!!

Tuggg Speeedman
2 years ago#10
I'll invite someone when I get on after I pick up Destiny.
E.... Not just a vowel, but almost promises you'll get laid by a lady at the club. Pooh Da Stryker
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