Favorite type of sports game?

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2 years ago#11
The ones made by now defunct Midway :'(
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2 years ago#12
Racing, basketball, and football are probably my favorites. I'd love to have an actually good wrestling game for once. Haven't had one since No Mercy on N64 way back when. I'd also love a good old school arcade boxing game. I want a boxing game that plays like a Rocky movie looks! I don't care how technically realistic it is. I just want to hit stuff and have it look PAINFUL when I do!
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2 years ago#13
Racing, rugby league and cricket.
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2 years ago#14
Hell ya. As a hockey player in real life my whole life, it's nice to see the gaming community enjoys the sport. Because it's definitely not as popular here in the states as say baseball, football, or basketball.
2 years ago#15
No one said 'E sports..'
2 years ago#16
Suprised hockey is winning when usually racing and basketball sell the most.
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