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User Info: dueric

2 years ago#11
Diablo 3?
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User Info: RuinerEraser

2 years ago#12
Poor mans diablo.
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User Info: Trigg3rH4ppy

2 years ago#13
RuinerEraser posted...
Poor mans diablo.

came here to post this.
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User Info: BrusselsAffair

2 years ago#14
Why do you constantly talk like a robot?
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User Info: Juzten76

2 years ago#15
RuinerEraser posted...
Poor mans diablo.

Yep. It looks like one of those games you can download for free on a smartphone.
"demoes are dumb anyway. just buy the game. solves that." - The Village Idiot

User Info: mindoftwomorons

2 years ago#16
CyberEvil posted...
I would pay $60 for an untouched port of Gauntlet Legends.

Make it Dark Legacy and we have a deal.

On topic, even though I already have the PC version preordered(damn you three week delay >:( ,) you can never have too much Gauntlet. Ideally this would be released on everything that can run it, but I want this to succeed so bad that I'm not gonna wait to support it.

User Info: ComradeRyan

2 years ago#17
Announcement Trailer:
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