Metro redux graphics..

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Dieinafire1 posted...
glassghost0 the 100 hours wasn't the redux version

k, I never said it was
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liquidblue4 posted...
Dieinafire1 posted...
You guys should see how beautiful redux looks on PS4 or even pc in 4k. Xbone is the ugliest of the 3. I'm glad to hear it's still pretty.

So you've never played it. Cool story.

lol...his sig, man.
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Trolls are everywhere tonight. Always on the xbox1 board. Everyone is so negative and defensive on the xbox1 board. ps4 and pc board never so lame.
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Wow. This game 2033 is STUNNING!!!

On chap 3 "khan"..

I don't really care for interacting with the people in the hub areas it seems were really clunky... But the gameplay zones the weapons the creatures the graphics everything is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
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